GST amount


Can it be set to show GST paid when I look up a entry. For example if I click on income, under Sales it will show me the Amount without GST and balance but I would also like to see the GST paid on each entry in a column next to the amount.


Why do you need to know the tax amount? I don’t really want to add extra column with tax amount onto that view because it will get more complicated. After all, you’ve clicked on income balance so Manager is giving you list of transactions which add up to that income balance.

I’m willing to go as far as adding a column which will show Tax Code. This way you could see whether the income was subject to GST or not. Would it be enough?


For me it’s just to show if GST is applied as my stock purchase include a lot of GST Fee products…


OK, check the latest version (15.3.92). You should be able to see tax code in that view.


That should do it, thanks for the great service…