Sharing Data Files between Win10 and Ubuntu


I have Ubuntu data files that work fine with (the latest) Ubuntu DT version, but the Win10 version (mine is 15.1.59) just throws an “invalid file format” error when I try to import either of the two files: the smaller one named with a string of zeroes, or the larger one with a random-appearing string name.
The permissions on Windows seem to be fine.

I must comment that I have NEVER been able to successfully do this using multiple win/ubun versions!

I’m happy to work in Ubuntu, but it’s much easier for me to print from my WIndows OS, but I’m hitting this obstacle!

Thanks so much!

Manager is compatible between all operating systems. But data files opened by later versions cannot be opened by older versions because the file structure is sometimes changed to incorporate new features. When such changes are made, installation of the newer version makes any necessary conversions to older data files. So newer versions are backwards compatible, but not the other way around.

If you’ve been operating with the “latest” Ubuntu DT version, I can guarantee your data file is not compatible with Windows version 15.1.59. There have quite literally been thousands of updates since then. Update your windows machine to the latest version and you should have no trouble.

You also should not be trying to copy either of the file types you mentioned. The one with all zeros is an index the program creates to track multiple businesses and where they are stored. The one with the hexadecimal file name may or may not be an accounting data file. For more information on these subjects, read the Guides:

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Thanks Tut, that’s great–you were correct and updating my Win version had no trouble importing the backed up linux version.
Now, if I want to switch back and forth between the two OSs (busy boy that I am…), and still access the same data file, will I need to import it it each time into one version, or can both versions actually “share” the same location, given the very different default paths for the two. I am able to read/write to my NTFS partition from Ubuntu, so presumably I’d like to use the WinOS location for both OSs.

p.s. the guides were great–thanks!

If you can use a service like Dropbox, then you can share the same data file after they have been synced, meaning that you have to be online when starting each OS.

To use Dropbox, you need to keep your Manager data files within the Dropbox folder.

Oh, well…I’m using the desktop versions in both OSs, but thanks!

You can keep your data anywhere when using the desktop edition. See this Guide: Manager Cloud, which uses Dropbox as an example. You can absolutely access the same data file from two different desktop installations, as long as both can access the same storage location. However, be absolutely sure they are both updated simultaneously whenever you update Manager, or you will be right back in your original situation.