Sever Edition - User Sessions

I’ve noticed user sessions on the sever edition seem to be infinite - so long as they keep the browser open & the manager session cookie remains valid.

From a security point of view this isn’t a good idea. Sessions should timeout after inactivity (say 30 minutes, ideally configurable by the administrator)

As an alternative does the session state reside on the server that can be zapped by a cronjob somehow? Clearing overnight would suffice until there is a better solution.

Also application administrators should be able to see if users are currently logged on. Nothing too detailed, just basic connection info like login time / last page access / remote IP as it aids in the management of users and the application generally. (e.g. ‘can I reboot the server?’)

In business setup, it’s convenient if staff can be logged in continuously. That assumes staff doesn’t share computers which is usually the case anyway.

Even if you go and use public computer and forget to log out, the moment you log in from another computer, the previous session will be automatically logged out.

I think the next step is to implement audit trail and then see where to go from there.

Manager server edition logs out each time i hit save, how can i avoid that?
it’s frustrating

Are there multiple people logging under the same username? Each person should have their username.

I have three accounts and accessing through different pcs

So where is this Save button? I don’t think Manager has any button like that.

i meant to say whenver i hit create or update records

Another issue i have noticed when you export vat report, it exports as .tvs , is it csv or tvs format?
i only know of .csv

Is it happening every single time you click Update or Create buttons?

CSV and TSV are practically identical formats.

I would like to add a user that was previously on my server edition but has been kicked off because of the update

Have you tried adding the user?

No. How do i do that?

Read the guide:

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How do I add them as a server?

I don’t know what “as a server” means. A server is a computer. You add users as an administrator. What part of the guide I linked to above didn’t work?

I want to add their computer to the manager software so they can connect through my server/computer

@Lexy_Haughton,what edition are you using? Are you using server edition at all?


So what’s the problem? Can those other computers access the login screen of the server?

No they cannot access it.