Suggestion to show session timer for user

Some users working on several tabs in browser with Manager.
They compare data, copy paste, etc…

Let’s assume that user Bob works on tab A (with input form) and tab B with some report. After he filled input form he trying to save his job. But session is expired, Bob loose information. Need to re-login and start doing again.
My proposition to show session timer on each tab for user. In this case everyone will see how long time they can stay on tab until session end.

i am not aware of any timeout feature available in Manager to automatically signout a user.
there was a discussion on the forum to implement this but i am not sure it was implemented.

are these users sharing the same username? if this is the case, you need to create separate username for every user.

Yes. User use the same username for opening several tabs. Is it prohibited ?
To my mind creation separate username for ability to work with several tabs is not good idea. Isn’t it?

separate username is needed for separate users. a single user can use any number of tabs on the same browser.

Hm, maybe this is some problem with our browser or network… I will check one more time.
Thank you for response!