Time limit for (in active) cloud version

For security reason, Some Internet banking they logout automatically if the user is in active for certain period of time. (5 minutes, 10 minutes etc.).
Do Manager IO Clod version has this facility?

I just logged into the copy of Cloud Edition that I had set up previously.

A cookie is created labelled ‘session’ with a 24 hour expiry.

Therefore, I assume that it currently logs people out after 24 hours, regardless of whether they’re active or not.

I am not aware of any stricter, 5-10 minute activity check similar to what banks use. I think Manager will remain logged in for much longer than this, likely the entire 24 hours.

If you are concerned about this, it would be best to educate your staff about secure computing habits - including locking a computer before they walk away from it to grab a coffee.

thanks for he advise