Settings Tab organization

I support the idea as well. In addition, having a search function would be really useful if we hide elements in subgroups. Then we all could develop muscle memory to find things much faster.


I agree with others that I am not convinced that collapsing groups is optimal for two reasons.

One - Currently you cannot see what is a group such as Bank Rules and what will open a form. If you think of the context of folders and files - there has always been a visual distinction between the two. I would say that this is the biggest failing of the current new design.

Two - It is very seldom that one would need to do anything in the Settings Section. Collapsing the options within folders just means more clicks to get to the option I want. Another failing of the collapsed approach here is that it’s not easy to see in one glance any new settings that have been added. I would have to open up folder to see if there are any new settings! I honestly believe that the optimal approach would be very similar to the imac picture at the top of this post.

Failing that, at fix issue one and add the following to groups as there are still too many options in settings to make it easy to find the setting you are looking for quickly meaning the original issue remains unresolved:

Inventory Kits, Inventory Locations and Non-Inventory to Inventory Management
Business Details and Business Logo to Business Information
Chart of Accounts and Control Accounts to Accounts

I would also request that when you click on Custom Fields, the view that comes up looks like Form Defaults. It will be much easier to find the Custom Field that you are looking for if it is in a list like Form Defaults. Second, it would be more consistent. Same request for Cash Flow Statement Groups and Control Accounts.

I would request that you re-consider the option to create collapsible groups for the navigation menu as discussed in this topic - Manager Navigation Feedback The navigation menu is simply too long and several tabs I hardly ever use. Collapsible Navigation would make far more sense than collapsible folders in Settings.

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In the latest version (22.8.22), the Settings screen is improved further so unused items are in its separate section.

And it works when drilling-down into individual screens too.