Settings Tab organization

Dear @lubos,

Manager in the last couple of years has sawn a big increase of the number of functionalities and, so, of the number of settings.

The current list is confusing with settings uncategorized and ordered by alphabetical order. It is also more confusing since the order changes with the default language of the interface.

I think that the order should remain the same in every language and that the settings should be grouped maybe with an interface similar to Mac OS’ settings:



Great Idea

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This would definitely make it easier to find things, I think about this grouping each time I open settings and start searching for the right icon


I like this idea and hope that @lubos considers it as we also have groupings under customization and reports so why not under settings. I had a draft stab at it just yet, see below:

Basic settings

  • Base Currency
  • Business Details
  • Business Logo
  • Date & Number Format
  • Divisions
  • Email Settings
  • Start Date
  • Tax Codes


  • Email Templates
  • Form Defaults
  • Non-inventory Items
  • Payslip Items
  • Report Transformations
  • Themes


  • User Permissions
  • Customer Portals


  • Chart of Accounts
  • Control Accounts
  • Capital subaccounts

Bank and Cash

  • Payment Rules
  • Receipt Rules
  • Exchange Rates
  • Foreign Currencies


  • Lock Date
  • Recurring Journal Entries
  • Recurring Payslips
  • Recurring Purchase Invoices

I always expand out the groups as I find it harder to remember how the visual designer has decided to group the functions.

Just naming things which least to most specific achieves much the same thing

  • Currencies Foreign
  • Currency Base
  • Date lock
  • Date Start
  • Email Settings
  • Email Templates
  • Recurring Journal entries
  • Recurring Payslips
  • Recurring Sales invoices
  • Rules Payments
  • Rules Receipts
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I would move divisions inside accounts (maybe changing names), tax codes inside customization and lock date in basic settings.

Under mac os groups are not collapsed at all… they are only ordered in categories

I did not advocate for collapsing groups, I just support the idea of grouping / categorizing as we do for example in Customize and Report tabs.

I agree

There will be more settings as more features are introduced. It is therefore a good idea to introduce groups in the settings tab.
Added to ideas.

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Good idea :+1:

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this Idea Will Help Users To Find Settings Very Easily. they Need not to Hower On all Settings To Find What They Want to edit But They Find Easily if Settings Are grouped.
I Hope This Ides Will Be implemented Soon.

The latest version (22.8.6) is improving settings tab so similar items are grouped together.

So far I’ve done following…


  • Base currency
  • Foreign currencies
  • Exchange rates


  • Recurring journal entries
  • Recurring sales invoices
  • Recurring purchase invoices
  • Recurring payslips


  • Payment rules
  • Receipt rules


  • Smtp Server
  • Email Templates

I’m only going to group related items where it’s obvious. I’m not trying to create arbitrary groups to try pigeonhole all items into them. It should still be very obvious where everything is without thinking about it.


I replied in error noticing that things are grouped but it now is confusing to a certain extend because you do not know which one is rolled up and which one is standalone. Only by clicking you know.

What we need is to reduce number of items at the top level of Settings tab so you can easily find the item you are after.

You will develop muscle memory eventually when you know Recurring Sales Invoices are under Recurring Transactions. Or Payment Rules are under Bank Rules etc…

Legacy features → Obsolete features :rofl: Trying to persuade us to move away from the internal PDF generator! Although, once there it says Settings > LegacyFeatures — Edit at the top

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Yes for many like myself the PDF generator remains very useful and is definitely not obsolete. We send emails to suppliers and customers with perfect PDF files straight from Manager as it is supposed to do without first having to save as PDF and then attach to an email using an email application.

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May I say that I don’t like it at all? I think that groups like my proposal are more linear…

I agree grouping like items in settings is a good idea.
I would prefer they were displayed fully expanded. The advantage of doing so is it is

  • quicker to find something when the user is unsure how it has been grouped
  • quicker to use
  • scales better to when most tabs are not enabled
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I find the current groupings very logical, so have no problem with them. However, perhaps those with sub-items could be highlighted in some way to indicate one needs to drill down a level. It would save clicking on each setting item to check that their aren’t items below.