Manager Tabs Standard/Group Toggle Suggestion

I am very pleased with the improvement in tabs where the spacing has been reduced to show virtually all tabs on screen without having to scroll down. I would recommend the spacing be set as default regardless of number of tabs. However, it doesn’t really address the underlying problem of a very long list of tabs, half of which are very seldom if ever used, wasting precious screen retail space.

Manager Navigation Feedback - #15 by dalacor some ideas were suggested here.

The main take away from that particular discussion is that some users are very happy with the current tab design structure and don’t wish to change, whereas other users like myself were keen to move to a more hierarchical structure where for example, you have the following 8 tab groups - Money, Sales, Purchases, Assets and Liabilities, Inventory and Operations, Employees, Reports, Admin and Settings.

Then upon clicking say Money you see - Bank Accounts, Cash Accounts, Inter-Account Transfers, Bank Reconciliation, Payments and Receipts. Then you click on Payments and see exactly what you see in the current payments tab.

For Sales Tab you see - Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Credit Notes, Billable Time and Billable Expenses. Then you click on Quotes and see exactly what you see in the current quotes tab.

So there would no hiding tabs or merging tabs or changing the order of tabs, but rather moving the shortcut pointers by grouping tabs within a master group tab. Therefore consistency is always retained.

We already have customisation features to add/remove tabs (as not all business use sales invoices for example). We can minimise the tab bar to just show the pictures. Would it not be possible to create a similar toggle customise option where users can have standard view (all tabs as they currently work in Manager today) or users can select Group Tabs view where the users sees Tab Groups such as Money, Sales, Purchases and within that tab group, they can select the relevant view such as Quotes?

This would have the effect of pleasing both camps, but also give users the opportunity to try both views and use whichever view works best for them. I think it would also make it easier for larger businesses to ensure that users in the sales dept only see the Sales features for example.

PS - I am basing the hierarchical structure as proposed by @Ealfardan in the linked topic.