Settings - options greyed out, desktop version

Are most of the settings not available in the desktop version? For example Footers is greyed out.


Aug 22

In the latest version (22.8.22), the Settings screen is improved further so unused items are in its separate section.

And it works when drilling-down into individual screens too.

You can click on any of the greyed out items and when using them they will become active, i.e. appear above the line. The only difference between Desktop and Cloud/Server editions relate to multi-user authentication and access via the internet.

I wonder why you open a thread about it if it seems you haven’t even tried to click it?

I was also confused when it appeared that suddenly a large number of settings modules were unavailable because they were greyed-out. I suggest keeping the split-screen approach but not greying-out the modules below the line unless they are truly unavailable in the desktop version.

Greying out means inactive, not unavailable and is consistent also with payments, etc. You can click on an inactive payment. So the elements in settings that are available but not used by you are inactive until you make some use of them and then move above the line and are no longer greyed out.