Setting up group account

I want to set my Chart of Accounts up with a Cost of Goods Sold section to record purchases under this group and then have a section for Operating Expenses - is this possible

Yes. Of course you’ll need to enable the Inventory Items tab. See this Guide:
When you create your first inventory item, Inventory - sales and Inventory - cost accounts automatically appear. You could rename the latter as Cost of Goods. Or, if you have other things that factor into cost of goods sold, you can create a Cost of Goods Sold group in your chart of accounts, put the Inventory - cost account into it, and add accounts for other things that go into your COGS. See this Guide:

hi any one guide me I LOST MY INCOME CATEGORY In my group account now there shown Non Categorized

Just click edit next to Income and re-categorize or show a screenshot of the P&L Chart of Accounts

Thanks for your Response
But Friend…Editing Option not Activate so that I can not Edit…

Ok, can you please post a screenshot so I can see what you see.

Re-reading your first post, perhaps the Income Group account needs to be re-created, as generally the Income Group heading remains uncategorized

Income not being displayed as it doesn’t exist - create it as shown above

i did but it not working

i create INCOME but Both Account Are display in Summary I Can’t rename UnCategorized to INCOME

Thanks i got it