Converting Uncategorized to Income Category

I have ‘Uncategorized’ instead of Income or Revenue showing.
How do I change that into Income Category in Setting up through Chart of Accounts?
Please help.

Edit the uncategorized account and select under Group - Income

Dear Mr Brucanna,

Thank you for your prompt response. I tried again.
Unfortunately, there is no Group called ‘Income’, and I am unable to create
In its place is a Group marked ‘Uncategorised’ (also in Summary page) that
is uneditable (greyed).
Even after deleting and down loading a fresh Manager, it stays unchanged.
Please advise.

Kind regards, Sam Daniel

Did you create a new account from the profit and loss section on the right side?

Under Name, I entered ‘Income’ Code - left vacant. Next line - Group has only the choice of Expense or a blue space above (not Income or any other to choose from).

Procedures for building the chart of accounts are described in this Guide: Build a chart of accounts | Manager.

If you have no Income group, that is because you deleted or renamed it. You can add it back.

This is because you downloaded a fresh copy of the application, but did nothing to change the data it works with, which is contained in a completely separate data file.