Setting up conversion balance for bank account


First I made a bank account named “spaarrekening”.
After that I go to settings > Conversion Balances to give the “spaarrekening” a beginning amount.

But to my surprise I do not see that amount back when I want to enter receive amount or in the beginning screen of bank - accounts.


Individual bank accounts are currently under control account called Cash at bank.

So when you go to Conversion balances, click Edit on Cash at bank and then you will be able to set conversion balance for your individual bank accounts.


Cash at Bank is already used by my bank account where I pay the bills. I also want to add a savings account.


You can have as many bank accounts as you require. Create all your bank accounts under Bank accounts tab.

Set conversion balances for each bank account under Settings > Conversion balances > Cash at bank


thanks solved.

I never looked there . I thought that would be only 1 account.


Next version is going to make this process of setting up opening balances more obvious. I really dislike Conversion balances section under Settings now.