How to enter opening balance for bank account?

Please advice how to enter opening balance for bank account.

Go to Settings, then Conversion Balances. This is where you can enter opening balances for all your accounts including bank accounts.

To enter opening balance for bank account, find Cash at bank line on Conversion Balances screen. Click Edit and enter opening balance for each bank account you have.


I can’t find “Conversion Balances” in my “Settings”…
I’m having trouble with reconcile; asking for balance of dates that are not on my bank statement
Stuck for a week trying to find the issue

Conversion Balances module need to be enabled explicitly. Click Customize button under Settings tab to add it.

If you are doing bank reconciliation against your bank statement, it means you have access to transactions only up to certain date. You need to tell Manager what that date is by going to Bank Accounts tab, click Edit button on bank account you are reconciling and tick the box Internet banking is not available for this bank account.

This will allow you enter the date of your last bank statement so when you do bank reconciliation, Manager will not ask you for closing balances beyond this date.

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Firstly - great software.

Secondly, I also need to add opening balances but can’t see “Conversion Balances” when I go “Settings/Customise”. I can add “Opening balances”, but this does not let me enter any opening balances.

This is older topic. A few things have changed since then.

See: Guides | Manager

Perfect. Thanks!

How do I put in opening balances. The links and advices here is not working for me. .

I cant find Conversion Balances on the Customize button or Settings tab

To learn how to set opening balances, see Guides | Manager

Can someone please tell me how to enter opening balances for my business??

there are various opening balances for a business. you can read the guides section

Since you posted under a topic about opening bank balance, read Set up a bank or cash account | Manager. If you are asking about something else, don’t divert existing topics with unrelated questions. That makes it harder to obtain answers.

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Im sorry for that, i didnt mean to.

Was your question answered, @kirti_desai?

YES, I got what i wanted. thankyou!

Manager Guide says this: Starting Balance Option.

But My Cloud manager doesn’t have this option.

Have you set a Start Date in Settings?

Read the guide Enter starting balances | Manager

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Solved. Thanks a lot.