Bank Account

In my balance sheet I have the system generated generic “Cash at BanK” account which is a negative.Because all the transactions are balanced to it.

I also have a bank account that I set up. It has the opening balance in it., Which is a credit.
Because when I go to set up opening balances, I can’t edit the opening balance of Cash at Bank

The two accounts offset to be the correct bank balance

How do i transfer the opening balance into the generic Cash at Bank please? And can i edit the name of the account so I can show the actual name of the account. I may have other bank accounts.


A starting balance can be entered using settings-> starting balances for the bank account that you have set up. Once you have entered the starting balance this will flow through to Cash at Bank (control account) on the Balance Sheet. See this guide for entering starting balances. Manager Cloud

Hi Alan

That’s what I thought.

However, when I went to Settings/Starting Balances I could edit the start date. I did that to get me to where I could enter my opening balance figure.

Instead of opening a box for me to enter my opening balance as the fuide illustrates, I went to the page where I could enter/edit all opening balance figures.

In the left hand column of each listing, there was the opportunity to edit the figures.

But the negative Cash at Bank figure I mentioned was already listed.

I could not edit that figure? There was no option to edit the figure.

So is there some way to force the program to open the box that allows me to update the opening Cash at Bank figure?

I note that I am using the latest version. I think it’s 18.3/8.40. I’m not at my laptop so I’m not sure whether the second digit is a 3 or an 8. I only downloaded it late last week. From the main Manager download site as directed elsewhere on this forum.

With kind regards,

John Harmer

You are a couple hundred versions behind. Update and read the Guide about starting balances.

In the opening balances screen click on the amount to update the opening balance.

Barley Tut.

Your comment is pretty much what you and Lubos told me last week.

(When I was asking how to set up Capital Accounts. That I/we eventually worked out could not be used with a super fund.)

According to what you told me only last Friday, being 7 days back, I have downloaded the latest version from Manager’s own download site. That I was given a direct link to.

So if I am already again "a couple of hundred updates behind in only 7 days, how am I ever going to keep current? More important, how will I keep my client’s version of Manager current. I’m an accountant so I expect updates, if not a couple of hundred in a 7 day period. My clients run businesses. They rely on me to keep them current.

I might even comment that 200 updates in a week doesn’t engender confidence. But I won’t do that. I want to continue using Manager.

So that I will know in future, what is the current version please? And where do I go to check for current updates?

And, assuming that I am not really a couple of hundred updates behind, and that the guides are current, how do I reset my Cash at Bank balance?

Because I did read the guides for setting a start date and for entering an opening balance.

I also note the advice given to me by you and Lubos last Friday that in the latest version, I could enter or edit all my opening balances.

That page is where I went to after I entered the start date.

I did not go to a box where I could enter my bank balance as the guide states.

With kind regards,

John Harmer