Setting fields&documents to be uneditable

How do we make a field like customer code uneditable after creation or first use? It’s very important when this field is used as a foreign key in other systems.

Similarly with invoices - once printed/pdf downloaded/email it should be uneditable as by then the customer has probably seen it and captured it their side. The invoice possibly changing later can be a real problem then.

Just a tickbox setting in settings “allow editable invoices after being issued” which then enables/disables the edit button is probably all that’s needed for this idea.


Additional side note for those wondering how one fixed mistakes if you can’t edit, for auditable accounts systems one uses credit notes to fix issues on an invoice that’s been issued.

Please do not double post. You already asked your first question in another post.

Your second question can be addressed with a lock date. See the Guide: Set lock date | Manager.

This isn’t a double post - a lock date is not the same thing as a per document lock.

Lock date means everything pre say 1/2/2021 is immutable - but then an invoice generated on 2/2/2021 can be edited still even tho’ it’s been sent.

For my request which of course I might be the only one looking for it (which I doubt) we need a way to flag individual documents as unchangeable. And ideally this should be based on an automatic trigger like the “save pdf/print/email” function. In my world an invoice should never be changed once it’s sent to a customer.

That’s not inherently bad

I don’t think that would be helpful, especially combined with the ability to perform batch operations and integrations using APIs, this could result in a huge pile up of errors. I mean whaIt get even worse when you consider that manager is a perpetual accounting system.

Sure, everybody used to have that rule because audit trail is destroyed and the means to ensure that that doesn’t happen was to not change the documents. But the method is just the means and establishing an audit trail is the end to seek after.

Modern systems have audit trails built into them – as is the case with manager – so you can do all the changes you want, provided you have a vaild reason. Another control to that end is the built-in emails and attachments.

Even if you don’t trust the new method, you can always give the users the right to view and create only, use periodic lock dates and use audit trail to audit for changes and undo them with just a click of a button.

I wouldn’t mind having an undoable lock on certain transactions as long as you can still edit things provided the right permissions.

Your double post was your first question, as I said—about customer codes.