Invoice lock after Date

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I am facing a issue in issue regarding invoices.
When creating sales invoice with tax (GST) included in it, we have to submit that invoice details to govt with HS codes of product and price + date.

After submission of these invoices to govt we are not allowed to change invoice data. (Allowed to add payment later but editing invoice data itself is not allowed).

If any data is changed after submission, in case of any audit by tax department there will be serious consequences and it may end with fine of millions.

currently , I have option that I (admin) can remove access of edit/update for any user. but it will remove access entirely. There us another idea which can solve this issue for all.

there should a option for lock invoice after some days or after some day of month after that all non admin user should be locked for editing.


there should option for admin to lock some invoice manually, after that only admin should be allowed for editing.

in current situation admin can remove access for any user only, not for some specific invoices


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That wouldn’t stop the invoice being modified although it reduces the risk.

This topic was discussed at length on the forum sometime ago

I do not see any changes in how the Lock Date works so you will have to make do with procedures and rules that your staff will follow

Rules are already set but still sometime staff made mistakes.
Locking old invoices only will stop this accidental mistake also.

“That wouldn’t stop the invoice being modified although it reduces the risk.”

before submission to govt, modification is allowed, after that if only some users or only admins are allowed to modify it, it ill reduce risk to zero.

“I do not see any changes in how the Lock Date works”

its simple
for example, if there is no edit button after 30 days of invoice. staff cannot made mistake to edit it.

manual lock by some senior staff/admin is also usable.

I am just a user like you, but I doubt whether the change you are proposing will be made.

So while you can add the suggestion, that’s all it is and will remain, imho

I suspect the problem is different work flows result in different desirable behaviour of the lock data functionality.

From memory the ability to change “non financial” data prior to the lock date was added so cheques could be cleared.

Maybe there is a better solution. Finding it would require knowledge of most use cases.

may be, as this is related to tax department also, i think @lubos will take it seriously.

I am from Pakistan, we have to submit all data to tax department by 15th of next month,
like i have to submit all data from last month tax department by 15 march.
so invoices should not be editable after that date.

it might not be usable for all but its very imp here in our country.

In most jurisdictions, modifying invoices after they have been issued and reported to tax authorities would be incorrect.

If there is an error, the correct manner to adjust is to issue a credit note and a new invoice.

You could set the lock date for the end of the month on the 15th of the next month after you have submitted your tax return

that is what i want. but there is no option to lock it

When you set the lock date, you can not modify transactions with a date prior to the lock date - well, most of the information on the transaction at least

no that is entirely diff use, I want to lock invoices, not transactions, payment is allowed even after 4 month of invoice, changing invoice data/products is not allowed

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Presumably when you receive the payment it is entered with the current date

In any case, you understand how it works now.

If that doesn’t suit then the only thing to do is to change to another software package or accept that the software does not meet your needs but you will live with it

not agreed with your statement, this software fulfill most requirements and for 3 year am witness of many new feature by developers.
that why i am hoping @lubos with consider it

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Maybe this would be some kind of solution?: Closed invoice

I agree with your request. Mostly accountants would lock periods monthly right after they perform their closing adjustments. But for digitized invoices, locking needs to be done either more frequently – possibly daily, or in a more granular way – lock each transaction individually.

Personally I hate the second method of individually locking transactions but daily locking for sales invoices and credit notes is the way to go. But that might interfere with other areas of business which are usually closed monthly.

In order to achieve that separate locks need to be maintained:

  1. A lock for billing (Sales invoices + Credit notes)
  2. Another lock for everything else
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What about a lock for payslips (weekly, forthnightly, monthly,…) expense claims, and whatever you want yourself

I think that KISS is a much better solution - trying to satisfiy everyone’s wants (needs?) is a recipe for making the software so complicated, that a whole new business will arise to support the myriad of different configurations available

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@Joe91 you’re completely missing the point here.

This isn’t about user’s wants or needs, this is about compliance with tax regulations.

You have to be aware of the invoice digitization trend that’s taking over the world. Once an invoice has been digitized it can’t be changed. Some laws require daily digitization.

If your answer to this is to apply daily locks for the entire database then you’re implicitly requiring daily closing of all accounts. Seriously???

We can all say no to that but billing data is a completely different situation. If Manager fails to deliver a product that complies with tax regulations in a certain country then Manager has effectively lost that market for good.

The problem is that it isn’t a single country, the whole world is heading in that direction: Greece, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia, Ghana … and the list goes on. That’s the size of Market at risk right now and it’s growing by the day.

It may seem stupid for some, but the reality remains that a separate locks just for billing data is the most effective and least costly solution available at this point.

If you have an alternative solution then please share it but to completely shrug this off as a non-problem isn’t helping anybody. It’s just making the thread longer than it needs to be.

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No matter what solutions are put in place, all computer systems will allow someone to go in and alter the data - only moving to blockchain technology will guarantee nonalterable data and that’s a long way off yet