Locking an invoice after sending/Printing

I’m new to Manager, but so far I like it.

Today I’ve sent my first invoices, no problems there. But I’ve noticed that I can alter the invoices after I have sent of printed them. This is quite an accounting risk, as I can make an invoice, send it to my supplier and than alter the invoice.

I know I can lock the invoices by using the lock date, but once you’ve sent an invoice, you shouldn’t be able to alter it without creating a new invoice of credit invoice for the alterations to the original invoice.

Technically you can but why would you unless you have a valid reason…
It is common practise to edit an invoice if it contains an error and re-issue it.

Manager will not be your enforcer, @Remco. It is a tool for you to use. Like any tool, it can be misused. Suppose Manager did prevent editing of invoices. Would that prevent anyone from making a “fake” invoice? Not in this digital era.

One of the reasons double-entry accounting was developed back during the Renaissance (by the Medici bank) was to prevent such things. Of course, it isn’t foolproof, but in many cases alteration of an invoice would also require alteration of other records or physical counts for things to remain in balance.

Naturally, it is good accounting practice not to alter records except for correction of errors. But even Manager itself will alter your invoices when they are paid by your customers. Amounts credited will be added and balances due will be reduced. If you use the default theme, a big green PAID IN FULL stamp will appear. :slight_smile:

I will suggest using access control like cloud has to make sure the Employee will not be able to “Update” or “delete” on any module they have access to. This will be best way to control misuse of transactions.