Setting checkbox in purchase invoice


How do i set my purchase invoice to include some checkbox:
Round off the total
Deduct withholding tax
Early payment discount
Late payment fees
Charge monthly
Total amount in words
Custom title
Hide due date

My sales invoice tab had this features but my purchase invoice was limited. Please help especially withholding tax checkbox.

Most of the items you mention have no purpose on purchase invoices.

For example, why you you want to display the amount in words? To what purpose?

Titles on purchase invoices can be changed with a custom theme. See However, I cannot think of a reason for doing so. A purchase invoice is a purely internal method for recording an incoming sales invoice from a supplier. This is very common accounting terminology, and the transaction type cannot be used for anything else.

Withholding tax on purchases is accounted for as described in this Guide:

Everything else you mentioned is inapplicable to purchase invoices.

Tnx Tut!