Sales invoice hide / remove fields

Sir, is it possible to remove / hide any of the the following fields from Sales invoice

Amounts are tax inclusive
Round off the total
Deduct withthholding tax
Early payment discount
Late payment fees
Total amount in words
Custom title
Hide due date
Custom theme

If you are referring to the edit screen then no
In contrast the content of the view screen / pdf / printed versions is under user control either natively or with custom themes.

thank you very much, i am referring to the data entry screen of Sales invoice. dont want to give this option the the person who is making sales invoice. like discount , etcc

User access privileges provide some control
Users: Create users

User access isn’t granular enough to restrict access to the discount, etc fields on a sales invoice form

This can only be done by having proper procedures in place and making sure your employees follow them.

You could also implement controls to verify that they are following procedures and back it up with the threat of disciplinary action.