Setting a day rate for billable time

Is it possible to do this yet? I know I can specify eight hours of time, but for presentation and ease of dealing with some clients (who don’t like being presented with invoices based on hourly rates), it would be better if I could just present a single item.

When you invoice the billable time, change the the unit price to the daily rate and remove the quantity 8. The quantity will default to 1 and not appear when you view or print the invoice. Your description can specify that you are billing the daily rate for your services.

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You can also create a sales invoice item for one day of work. I use this approach often. Works great.

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Hmm. Seems like a ridiculously simple solution that I could have thought of myself! Thanks :smile:

Is the billable time module the correct one to use if I’m renting by day? I have a client who rents items by day. ( Will charge 1 day minimum) If so, how to show in days instead of hours?

@alim, are you charging customer before renting equipment or after renting? If you are charging before, you shouldn’t be using billable time at all. Billable time is so you can track what to bill at later date.

When the customer returns back with the item, the days he had it for are counted and he is charged day rate * number of days.

Sometimes a deposit of 1 day rent is taken before giving it out. If that is the case, then the 1st day is not counted.

I just don’t see a point in using billable time in your case. When customer returns an item, you pretty much know how many days they had it, it’s not like you have to look it up in Manager.

Billable time is more suitable for consultants who spend many chunks of time on client assignments and bill once a month or so.

Alright, thanks. Just wondering if it was the right one to use.