Invoice creation from billable time

When creating a new sales invoice from billable time, quantity is always 1 and unit price is the full amount of the billable time.

It would be nice if there was an option so that the “Time Spent” would translate into quantity, and “Hourly Rate” into the Unit price on the invoice. My customers want to know how much time is spent for each item on their invoice.

Great job on the billable time module, it is becoming very useful!

The only issue is that if you bill 13 minutes, that’s 0.21666… of an hour. 16 minutes is 0.2666… and so on. If quantity on invoice is rounded to two decimal places, then there will be discrepancy between billable time value and what’s on invoice. Some users would complain about this for sure.

There are some solutions to address this but for now, in the latest version I made it so time spent is appended to the line item description when invoice is generated. It’s not exactly what you have suggested but still better than nothing at all.

Thank you, it is working perfect!

It would be ideal if this info would be available in the HTML template so I can decide what to do with it e.g. show hours & rate if available, otherwise quantity and unit price.

It would also be great to be able to access the billable date so that can be added to the invoice as well. For now, I’m adding the date to the beginning of the description manually.

The latest version adds the date to description as well.

I’m planing to handle time on invoices more elegantly (if Work in progress account is selected, Manager will know you are billing time and it will hide Qty column and will show Time column instead which will be more intuitive). Then Time variable will be exposed in HTML template too.

Awesome! Yeah, I noticed the date on the description which is great!!

One minor glitch, it does show up as “ − ” when both editing and displaying in the html template, though it does show up properly with the default invoice template…

ok, didn’t realize this used markdown… it shows as:

"<Date> &minus; <Description>"

I’ve changed &minus; to - in the latest version.

Great, thanks! This module is now saving me a ton of time for record keeping and generating invoices. I’m really excited to see what you have in store for it!