Billable Time - day rate

I don’t know if this would be quick and easy to implement, but would it be possible to enable the choice of using hourly rate and hours:minutes for time spent OR day rate and number of days for time spent?

I realise I could set up sales invoice items for this, but it would be nice to be able to record all the information in the billable time account.

I will add it but for now, you can simply enter 8 hours so it comes to daily rate. And on invoice, edit the description so the customer doesn’t see any hours.

When daily rate is introduced, you can then go back to those billable time entries and change hours to days. Your figures won’t be affected by this.

Thanks for that Lubos - I realise I can do the 8 hour thing. It would be handier to have day rates for situations where I’m being for work over a period of 6 to 10 days (or more). It would just be nice to see a number of days in billable time as opposed to 80+ hours.


I am also looking to record billable time (optionally) in Days.
Is this feature enabled? Can you tell me where please?
Tony J

You can enter billable time only in hours and minutes. You could, however, define a non-inventory item for a day’s time. But this would not be processed through the Billable Time module. If you don’t intend to record time on an hourly basis, the second option would probably be easier, but would leave you with no record of time until a sales invoice is created. Billable time shows as an asset even before invoicing (as long as you are using accrual basis accounting).

Hi Lubos, have you added the day rate for billable time?


There have been no changes to Billable Time in the past year.