Set Selected New Theme as Default


Hi…I’m still currently using the Desktop Edition, with the intention to migrate over to the Cloud Edition shortly…After a year of use now I wanted to refresh our paper trail look and have selected a new built in theme, “Smooth Green”. As per the guide, I selected Edit and checked the Tick Box and updated…However this has not set this theme as the default in my programme, i.e. I want all my forms (docs) to look like this now, but the Plain, programme default seems to still be apparent, please assist.

Thank you.


are you setting your custom theme on the actual form or under Form Defaults?
also you should set a default theme for all tabs separately under Form Defaults.

read this guide


Previously selected themes will stay until changed.


Thanks that was helpful. I am a little disappointed though, a couple of the forms and very specifically the Sales Invoice Form, cannot adapt a new theme…And Invoices are certainly a doc that I would have liked to have a fresh new look…


you can set default themes for all new invoices under Form Defaults.
but your old invoices will be unaffected.
to change the look of old invoices, you have to manually edit those invoice and change the theme.


Thanks, I hear you, but in forms default, under sales invoices, it has no option to implement a new theme, as in the other forms, that is working fine…Recurring Sales Invoices does provide you with the option…?


if you have read the guide i linked to earlier, you would have found the below clearly mentioned.