Custom Theme Defaulting as Replacement Theme (Plain)

Good Day

I’m currently using Desktop and have been doing so for two years plus to date… I’ve currently started using the Payroll portion of the system and experimented with the Smooth Green Theme instead of what I normally use, “Plain Theme”, I reverted to plain theme and made the Smooth Green Theme inactive again in System - Themes… However, the system reflects that the Smooth Green Theme has been made inactive, but the system seems to have defaulted the Smooth Green Theme to all my doc’s going forward, i.e. All old docs still reflect in Plain, all new docs reflect in Smooth Green Theme AND there is no tick box on the doc to make the theme inactive…Please I need to get purchase orders out to suppliers and I don’t want to issue the doc with this newly inherited theme…

Check form defaults under the settings tab.

I have Tut, I can’t see anything pertaining to Themes and /or on the doc’s to render the theme inactive…What should I look for…?

First, update your software. There was a problem with this that was fixed quite a while ago. In the situation you describe, the theme should revert to the plain theme. If it did not, try activating the theme that you disabled again, then check on your form defaults to see if the option is available and can be converted back to the plain theme. After that, you can disable the theme again. Let us know if either new software or the technique I told you works.

Thanks Tut, I’ll try and let you know…