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Is there a way to make your customize theme the default theme


Changes have been promised on this frequently requested capability. Version 17.12.17 moved themes from a separate web site back to built-in status. I suspect this is part of the change.

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i am also looking for the same solution there is any option to select custom theme as default?

not yet.
this will be made available soon.

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I am also looking for this solution.

the solution has been made available. download the latest version. read the guides on

unable to find anything about in in guide,

i think it is possible.
go to settings then open form default then sales invoice then click on edit and select a costumer and then do this:

then open it again and remove the costumer and hit update button again.
i hope it solve your problem.

Update your software, @umar6580. You no longer need to select the customer and later remove. All fields appear at once and you can simply leave the customer field blank. The Guide was updated when this change was made.

@Mian_Waqas_Azfar, read the same Guide.

Actually I do this before latest update so I mention as it is.