Set a supplier invoice to be paid in 30/60/90 days

Sounds great - as I don’t use Supplier/Purchase TABS I was unware of the clone feature.
The only question now: how is the future dated payments displayed on the AP Summary Report.

I am assuming that the Total Column will show the total value as the invoices have the same issue date and that the “Current” column (if that’s it’s title) would display either
a) the value of the earliest payment only - payments due between 0 and 30 days, or
b) the total of all payments - payments due between any future date and 30 days.

If a) then the line item and the report totals would not cross balance
If b) then the cash flow management benefits are lost compared to entering future dated sub-invoices

I am limit here as I don’t know how the entering of “different due dates” functions though out Manager’s reporting but perhaps the solution is to modify the report - as it appears that the existing system can handle the variable input requirements - by adding a column called “deferred payments” - this would total any payments due less then 0 days (i.e. dates greater then the reports requested/specified date)

It looks as though a solution could be achieved, it just depends on Manager’s priorities.

There is no AP Summary Report in the sense of a report showing what is coming due in, say, 7, 30, 60, and 90 days. The Aged Payables report lists everything upcoming as “coming due.” Beyond that, the report lists categories of reports overdue up to 30, 60, 90, and 90+ days. So there would be no negative effect on any existing reports in Manager.

Having said that, I can see the benefit of a report that is more prospective, helping one to plan cash flow. But for now, we have only the retrospective Aged Payables report helping us feel guilty about overdue payments. :wink:

you have been all amazing guys

I am going to try and split the invoice in 3 as for solution #2 and give you an update on the cashflow report

thank you again

OK Boys

I have implemeted #2 solution suggested by @Tut

This is how it looks now.

its ok for me.

just one think thou.

Is there a way to see my outstanding payments scheduled by weeks without the need of using excel?
I rather not start to export data as it could easily lead in mistakes.
you know what I mean

Thank you in advance


Not by week. But in the Purchase Invoices tab, if you click on the Status heading, you can change the sort order so invoices appear in order of due date.

This is probably a bit academic now as it appears that the invoice cloning and sorting by age has just about resolved this topic, but

An Aged Payables report was what I was referring to and the money columns would be:
Col 1 Total AP - Total Amount owed to a Creditor
Col 2 Coming due - Payable this month
Col 3 30 day - Was payable last month
Col 4 60 day - Was payable 2 mths back
Col 5 90 day - Was payable 3 mths back
Col 6 90+ day - Was payable 4+ mths back
Col 7 Deferred - Not yet coming due

Q1 - Based on your cloned invoiced solution would an invoice with a due date greater then 30 days, would it be considered as “coming due” or ignored due to the reports parameters. If it was included in the “coming due” then cash flow planning would be affected.

Q2 - On re-reading your response it could be interrupted that Manager has individual aged reports rather than a single all aged report True/False

If Q2 is True and Q1 is ignored then a single Deferred column on the Coming Due report could provide beneficial payment analysis, and in Carlos’s case - the Deferred being monthly aged .

Could be a useful management tool, but without a lot of demand.

I haven’t experimented exhaustively, but I think everything due in the future will be lumped into the coming due category.

I’m not exactly sure I understand your question, but you can create as many reports as you wish. You specify the “as-of” date for each report and whether it will be sorted by total or customer name. All can be saved for future review (or recreated at need). So, I think: False.

Personally, I think you could get all the management information you might need from the Purchase Invoices tab listing, on which you can perform sorts by any column and searches for any string of text. You can also export it. So you could search for any invoice with a given customer’s name, sort the result by due date, and export. Or you could search for a given month (exact string to enter will depend on your date format preferences), sort by amount due, and export.

Understand, my past has always been defined formatted reports. Custom designed reporting will be a whole new playground.

Thank you for your help
I am already a step closer to my goal so I am really happy

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Hey the ability to show custom field as a column under “Purchase Invoices” tab has been added :slight_smile:

So now you can create a custom field as “Next Due Date” and type in the date.
@lubos this brings me the idea of having the ability to make a custom field a date field. That way when you are entering the date, a calendar pops up guiding you in the process.

this sounds great.
do I need to update the software or something?
thank you so much for looking into this

Yes update please . if you face problems drop it here we can help

sorry @Abeiku late reply
where do I update the desktop software?
or are still new feature only for the cloud users?

Download and install exactly like you did the earlier version.

yes exactly what Tut said

is this the latest?

Manager 16.1.84

how can I create the custom field you have mentioned?

Always read the Guides first. They often have answers to your questions. In this case, see

I will for sure

thank you