Services vat 5%


we’re facing an issue, we’re having a travel agency, where we do UAE tourist visas too. in UAE visa we’ve issue with service VAT 5%. as there’s no VAT on the basic fee of Tourist visa but when there are 2 parties taking their service charges so we’re not able to create such kind of invoice

for Example:

Basic Fee of Visa : 500 AED (Tax Exempt)
Main supplier service charges 100 AED (Taxable 5%vat)
Retailer service charges : 100 AED (Taxable 5% VAT)

now the total invoice should be 710 AED, but it’s being 725 AED

can someone please help to sort out this issue.


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Like this

You need 3 lines on your invoice and apply the 5% tax to 2 of them

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you’re a life saver :slight_smile: