VAT entries for UAE

I have been using manager since 2016 and it is a very supportive tool for my business accounting purpose as i have zero accounting background. Also recently i received your support mail when my system had crashed and could revive all my data of past two years. It was a big relief else I had no solution on earth to bring back all my business transactions back to normal.

I reside in UAE and now i have an issue with VAT as not able to understand how to make correct entries. Please guide me on the following

  1. I am entering VAT 5% on every purchase and sale (is this correct or i should do tax inclusive for all my purchases as seen in some articles of your forum)

  2. My earnings is showing negative balance (-415) as of now and when i highlight it shows 5% for every entry which i understand is not correct as each purchase invoice has different amounts paid for VAT

  3. Vat payable is not displaying any figure while i have charged in all my sales

  4. Not able to change Invoice head as TAX invoice and have to enter separately in Description section

  5. How will i be able to get VAT returns file automated in the software as we need to submit to tax authorities before 28th Feb

Please guide me how can i correct myself as i am really concerned and do not want to leave your software and migrate to tally. Thanks

Before going to far have you under Settings > Tax Codes selected the applicable UAE Taxes.

You should be using these codes rather than any custom created tax code.
These codes should automatically cause the heading Tax Invoice to appear and the VAT to be added to invoices and be allocated to the correct accounts…

Thank you for your easy guide and my first issue is resolved by getting an auto tax invoice header. Will check on allocation of tax in correct accounts.