UAE VAT 5% - invoice rounding up

Hello all ,
Here in the UAE one of my customers noticed that VAT of 5 % is rounding higher , where as when done manually from the calculator the correct vat amount is calculated

AED 2,205.39
AED 110.28
AED 2,315.67

correct amount should be 2,315.65
How can I correct this on the system to properly show the right amount for the customer ?

many thanks all

the tax is calculated individually for all line items and not on the sub-total. therefore, the difference in rounding.
this is the correct accounting practice adopted by most accounting softwares including Manager.

thanks for your reply , is there a way to make adjustments or to fix it to how my customer wants it ?

you can add a line with the difference amount of -0.02 although you may not want to fix what is already correct.

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sounds like a solution thank you

@George_Flo, please do not double-post questions. I am closing this topic.