VAT for United Arab Emirates

Dear Sir,
kindly send me Custom Invoice Format for VAT 5% theme for UAE .
Irfan Khatri

is your question related to the themes or how to create VAT 5% tax code?

for creating tax codes read this guide

Dear sir,
I need custom invoice design format … as below for upcoming value added tax.

Is this to be a new local tax, if yes, then you should request for it to be added to the tax table.

dear sir,
Kindly guide for doing custom invoice design as above. by simple way.

and if possible can we use database with crystal report.
I want reporting to modify into crystal report.
or we can conversate with ODBC connector with SQL lite. of said data using other software added and modify record.

do advice me for it.


customization can be done with liquid coding to some extent. if you do not have the necessary skills you can hire someone locally to do it for you.

Manager does not integrate with any third-party software. you have the option to export to excel on almost every page. export and edit in excel as necessary.

I want to learn liquid coding step by step advice me for resources
liquid coding

this is not a general forum. post only questions related to the use of Manager accounting software.

The VAT is starting on 1 January 2018 in UAE. The VAT will be implemented with the 5% rate on some goods and services.

Please Visit, If you want to know about VAT in UAE:

It appears that this UAE 5% VAT needs to be added to the in-built Tax Codes - @lubos

Tax code added to the latest version (17.10.75)



Thank you for adding the UAE VAT code in Manager.

However, there are few more criteria to follow such as the below:

  1. Sales Invoice should be state as TAX INVOICE
  2. Total Invoice amount should be in words as well.

I am not from the coding background to edit the Invoice Theme and includes such edits in my system.

Requesting a way to include these changes.


Can you provide a link to official documentation requiring these features? The practice is to implement things required by law, not preferences of users.

  1. Your link is not to any official documentation, which the article says does not exist yet.

  2. Nothing is mentioned about changing the title to Tax Invoice.

  3. Nothing is mentioned about amount in words.

  1. the new screenshot provided too is not from your government website.

  2. the heading clearly says LIST OF SUGGESTED CUSTOMIZATIONS.
    so such a law has not been passed yet.

I will come across.
Thanks for your valuable response
Muhammad irfan