Is there a way to use SSL?


I just purchased the server edition.
How can I use a secure web server connection to the installation? (SSL)


If you are familiar with other web-server which can do SSL, then you can simply setup that web-server as reverse http proxy to Manager internal port. So this would be one way.


Is there a way to bind the Manager process to a specific network interface? This would at least allow us to bind it to a VPN or otherwise ‘protected’ network interface.

I’m very disappointed that there is no native SSL support… It’s almost a showstopper.


The easiest would be to run the SSL via http proxy and blocking external access to the port it’s running on via firewall settings.

I set it up using apache simply by adding this to the virtual hosts

ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPreserveHost On

[Proxy *]
Order deny,allow
Allow from all

[Location /manager]
ProxyPass hxxp://
ProxyPassReverse hxxp://

The only problem I have is that after login the manager redirects to root folder /
Instead of staying on hxxps:// it redirects to hxxps://
Is there a way to control this behavior?

Thank you


Have you got a link to the tutorial on setting up SSL on the server?


When I checked other server-based products how they deal with this, they all recommend to use third-party SSL offloading proxy so I guess this would be my recommendation for Manager Server as well. It’s much easier.

For example, to setup SSL offloading on IIS7, you can check following tutorial:


Would you have an idea on how to set this up on a Ubuntu server 14.04. Just downloaded the server version and only want to use it over SSL.


On Ubuntu, you would typically use web-server such as Nginx. So first you need to install Nginx. Then google for keywords nginx ssl termination or nginx ssl offloader to learn how to install SSL on Nginx so it acts as a SSL layer in front of Manager server.

Mind you, this is highly technical stuff. It’s incredibly useful to know since this knowledge is applicable to everything, not just to Manager but still.


A solution to running Manager over SSL on Nginx is provided here: