Windows server port 443

I have manage to change my port for Windows Server edition to port 443. However when I navigate to the address, (https://IP address:443) I don not get my manager login page. My server has port 443 open.
Any advice.


You can’t just change port on Manager Server to 443 and expect secure connection.

You should install something like Caddy - which would run on port 443, automatically install SSL certificate for your domain and redirect all traffic to Manager Server which could still run on port 8080.

By Caddy would make it possible to access your server using professional looking domain such as

If you are using Linux, have a look at Manager Server install script at which installs Manager Server and Caddy at the same time and makes them run together.

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This is really awesome @lubos. I have no idea about Caddy. Let’s Encrypt make all really easy for me but it is nice to know other methods to do this.

@hthomas you could virtualize a server specifically for Manager. I think it is a better way to do this without using your “real server”. If your page is compromised now, maybe your whole server is compromised. So, if you can virtualize, let’s say, Ubuntu Server in a Machine or Debian and set your Manager Server in this Virtual Machine and your Manager Server, for any reason is compromised or hacked or whatever, you can just do a backup, create a new one and start working again without the hassle of changing all your server. I recommend your VirtualBox, which is free and Ubuntu for your server. There’s a lot of documentation for Ubuntu and also Debian. Upside is that this kind of server would run without requiring much resource of your machine and even with less space than others. Best of luck to you.

@hthomas, I know is a bit late. I hope it helps to other windows user. First you have 2 port to open one in Windows firewall and another is router (I assume households have router in place). You need to access the router usually the id and username default can be found on web for the type of router you used.

Assuming you have opened at windows firewall. You have to port forward/virtual server from router external port to your window hosted manager server port (that you have opened).

Alternative you may use something like ngrok. or Get Dynamic Domain Server Service (DDNS) like dynu, no-ip and etc to get domain name address (DNA) even your home ip changes you can easily navigate to your server by web address.