Server ubuntu time out


i tried to install server edition to try and then purchased it on my ubuntu vps server from ionos 1&1 but i have some problems. server edition not opening. i created reverse proxy for port 8080, but it didn’t open.

but it’s running on the server the application not listening any ports on the server. That is the problem.

ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out

does anyone have any advice? thanks

please allow 22 port in the ufw ubuntu firewall ,52%20PM 30%20PM 06%20AM

When Manager Server is launched, there is an error:

Address already in use

It means something is already running on port Manager Server wants to use. So Manager Server won’t start.

manager not listening to any port.

port 80 you have nginx actually using that port so manager cannot listen to that port.

Unless you kill the process then it should work.

Alternatively try mono ManagerServer.exe -port 8080 -path “/root/.local/share/Manager”

since port 8080 is free from being use by other process