Ubuntu server install manager service not starting

I decided to try the Ubuntu server edition of Manager. I followed the guide,everything appeared to go smoothly. I try to access manager via web browser and all i get is “Unable to connect” in Firefox. I done a service --status-all in terminal and Manager service does not appear to be starting or even in the list. I don’t get any errors on boot up. I don’t really have much to start trouble shooting with. Any tips or advice? I’m starting to think i’m in way over my head with this type of software. Ubuntu server 18.04.1LTS

Try Centos7 instead. Works great. https://forum.manager.io/t/centos7-cheat-sheet

But if you are not familiar with managing servers, restoring, security, etc… I recommend you go with the cloud edition.

What happens when you launch the software directly like this?

mono ManagerServer.exe

I get a window to change the port or path and a couple of examples. I did see the service on boot,it showed ok but won’t start.

This is what i got.

Manager Server [Version 19.1.6]
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mono ManagerServer.exe [options]


-port [number]     Set port on which HTTP server should listen on.
-path [directory]  Set directory where Manager should look for data.


mono ManagerServer.exe 
mono ManagerServer.exe -port 80
mono ManagerServer.exe -port 80 -path "/home/kent/.local/share/Manager"

[12:31:42 AM] TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for ‘SQLite.SQLiteConnection’ threw an exception.

It looks like you are using x86 Ubuntu. You need to use x64 Ubuntu.

Ok,so i need 64bit ubuntu instead of 32bit? I’ll give it a try.

Yes, unfortunately Manager supports only 64-bit Linux. There is a way to make it run on 32-bit Linux but I don’t think it’s worth the effort.

Greetings all,
I just wanted to report back that indeed my server was 32 bit. I honestly thought it was 64 bit since it just updated the the latest version. After the upgrade to 64 bit, Manager installed without a hitch. Lubos, thank you for your help and please accept my apologies for such a glaring oversight on my part. Looking forward to using Manager!

hello, please do you mind sending your email or whatsapp so i can contact you. thank you

@ekene2004, post your question here on the forum. It was not clear who you were addressing anyway.