Server hosting guides

Most of the older guides on how to host your own servers are not working or are bad links.
I don’t have alot of tech knowledge but would like to try hosting my own server since it wold be alot cheaper(I think). A guide regarding this would be greatly appreciated or any official guides since I can’t find any.
I’m sure many others(Mostly new users) would also find this helpful.

No it will not, search the forum. You still have to pay every year a maintenance fee for server edition see Meanwhile you need to run your own server. It is actually more expensive but if you want to be independent of the Cloud solution it is workable but requires good server management knowledge. In your case this seems not to be the case so cheaper and better to stick with the Cloud Edition.

The Manager setup guides listed here all work well

As mentioned above and also specified at

We do not provide installation service. Server edition works as a custom web-server. If you do not have an experience with web-servers, please seek local IT specialist or sign up for cloud edition. Cloud edition is identical to the server edition in terms of features and functionality. The key difference is that the cloud edition is professionally hosted by us, offering a seamless experience without the need for self-hosting.

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@UsmanRaza I highly recommend you utilise the Cloud solution unless you have a very specific reason to utilise your own server. It will be much cheaper all round and much less technical and is always 100% uptodate.

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@Paul_Andersen agreed. :+1:

thank you for the links, I really appreciate it.
Also, what maintenence fee? :sweat_smile:
Jokes aside, Let me clearify the question a bit; I know how to host it on my PC, frpm the various titbits I found on the fourm. The issue is that I don’t have any experience on VPNs so I would like a guide on how to do this, just for the sake of knowledge if nothing else.

The Manager forum is about the Manager application. Google for VPN Management. As explained as far as costs are concerned it is cheaper to use Cloud Edition. Search this forum for posts regarding this as mentioned before.