Server Edition with Annual Cloud

The server edition is no longer included with an annual cloud subscription?


See Pricing | Manager. Inclusion of a server license in the annual cloud subscription only lasted a few weeks. This was discussed in the just-released edition of the newsletter.

You have to be quick, things change here all the time.

What you say is correct, but elaborate on what it is you really want and we can jump in and give some advice.

I am a server user, I have never used the cloud version and I am confident after your trial you will purchase. I do like the freedoms and extras that server provides.

What are you looking for?

Edit: now this is just my $0.02 and nothing to do with the dev team at all, but I’m sure if you just purchased the cloud edition with the intent of using the server version, then if you got in contact with @lubos he would probably look after you. That’s no promise of anything, but contrary to what some people think, it never hurts to ask! (Eg if you wanted server and only got cloud to purchase server, then it is (only my) opinion he may convert you from one type to the other.) like I say, it can’t hurt to ask.

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