How to update Server Edition to the latest version

since my scripts keep breaking and the instructions are invariably hard to find:

here is a direct link to the instructions as at January 2020:


I think the location of the instructions has been relatively consistent, but finding them is the issue. To find them currently you need to:

  • go to the main page and check the guides… no guide for upgrading
  • check out the downloads page… nope, nothing there
  • bottom of the screen, server edition
  • “see pricing and free trial”
  • start free trial
  • select an OS (ubuntu in my case)
  • UPGRADE instructions are now visible at the bottom of that page.

Not intuitive.

You can also link directly from the monthly newsletter, in the bottom section:

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 5.11.52 PM

TBH, I’d forgotten about that. Although the website is more intuitive for me.


lubos added in github.

Able to know because of dockerfile published by username ‘cronet’ in docker hub.

I speculate cronet is lubos. ahahah