Server edition trial period

For how long i can use the free server edition version?

There is no trial period. Until you purchase the license, there will be a trial version notice shown at the top.

So what’s the difference? I mean, what can the trial version not do that the paid version can?

I’ve been using manager for a few months now (desktop version)
forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question… Cheers!

The difference is “trial” notice at the top. Manager is an accounting software used by businesses. We assume businesses will purchase it if they are serious about using it.

but aside from that “notice”, ALL functionality is the same, right?

the reason i’m asking this is I’m starting to really like using manager. we’re currently doing our bookkeeping manually and it’s becoming a pain. I want to persuade my employers to go for this software, but to do that, i have to do parallel processing with that of our manual bookkeeping and show them its functionality and great advantage…they’re hesitant with going for other software mainly due to price…so i’m hoping to use the server edition for a time and then get my employers to make the purchase…

Thanks @lubos. I’ve been reading through the comments, you’re very approachable!

All functionality is the same, it’s just the notice at the top.

Thanks! =)