This software is free for life time or not?

This software is free for life time or not?

Assuming you are talking about Desktop edition, then yes - you can use it free for life. There are no limits on how long you can use the software or how much data you can enter.

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Why is this free? Is it donation based (cool)? Is it full of ads (uncool)? Is it malware (extremely uncool)? What is the business model of this company? How do these people eat if they give away their product?

You may buy server or cloud edition to be happy or feel satisfied.

Business model is simple. We have three editions:

  • Desktop
  • Cloud
  • Server

Desktop edition is free, cloud and server editions are premium. Free + Premium = Freemium. It’s really simple.

We don’t accept donations, there are no ads and definitely we don’t bundle third-party software (adware, malware etc.) with Manager.

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We would never pay for accounting software, we are a small company, we keep our costs low…

So heard of it sounded like a nice solution (better than our previous spreadsheet so we switched to it). We set up a full years accounts in the free desktop software and all seemed well.

We started to think how useful it would be to have two of us in the office editing the accounts. Then we thought how great it would be to also give access to our accountant/tax specialist. Then we looked at the pricing for the hosted cloud version (which also means our data is always safe) and decided from all the great experience we have had so far we’d pay the monthly subscription.

It is actually a really good model, give free access, make the software really good, end user is compelled to spend a little money for the extra couple of features.


I agree. We also started using manager desktop free about 2 years ago. Also now moved to the cloud addition to have more users with different access level for multi-user access. We use to use the biggest brand of accounting software and Manager meets all the needs we have in the biggest brands out there. We are now using cloud for few months and it works great. Easy to setup and manage.

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I really appreciate it by giving such a wonderful software free of cost, for this I salute to “Team Manager” and all its administration, Wish you good luck and success one after the others

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You are doing a Great job Team.i really appreciate this act that i can use a free Accounting software for my Office use.Keep it UP Guys…!

Our Managing Director paid $ 5,000 to a software developer company for a customized accounting software which doesn’t have Chart of Accounts and many important modules.

I found Manager and started setting up. It’s the best accounting software I have ever seen. Learned a lot of things.
Now we are purchasing server edition soon.

I am really grateful to Manager team. Thanks.

Hey, I’m new here. Could I ask what are the limits of the free server edition trial?

read the below topic.