Server edition questions


so my setup is like. i use an laptop just for standalone .
that means i can only use it on that laptop.

i have an unraid server. with on it the server edition.

but its in trail mode.

and im the only user no one but me use it.

its great that i can use it on any device i want.

my question can i use the trail for my option or do i need to pay for the License?

1 company 1 user muli devices

can some one tell me ?

greatz jorick

I understand that the Server Edition functions “normally” in trial mode without any restrictions. So you will be able to generate entities and create user accounts etc giving access to the host without any problem. However you will have the banner telling you it is in trial mode until you purchase and register the Manager server system license code.
Whether you are a single user or many users connecting to the Manager Server host you will still need to purchase a license to remove the “Trial Mode” banner.

so i can use it as i did in standalone mode? but only there is a banner telling me that im in trail mode?

so no restrictions?

Yes… I believe that is the position the developer has taken to give people a fair opportunity to trial all the Manager Accounting aspects.

does it has an time trail ? and what are the benefits of buying the key then ?

You are paying for the product you are using, which the developer was kind enough to let you try for free. Otherwise you are stealing it.

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Trial banner for the purpose in reminding you to pay for the product. Contribute the development for the next feature. In a way, prevent you to resale to others. If use for yourself without involving others to use. Then you won’t be feel ‘restricted’.

If pay for it. You have free reign in certain degree to brand it as a part of your service for accounting activities. No link towards manager website.

Think of it you purchase it for OEM.

There is no time limit for trial period.

I’ve been using manager server with trial period for a year learning how to manage a server and explore the possibilities in my country scenario whether manager can be use, and how well compare to other local accounting softwares. Then, I start to subscribe for annual maintenance update and purchase for the license.

In your case jorknor, you the only user using the manager server. Continue using it until the developer decide to change his approach in limiting the manager server or when you decide to have others involved using the manager server edition you hosted, it is wise to purchase the license if you do not wish other to know where you get the software. Else you doing the developer a favour for marketing. lol.

Tips: renewing the license for annual maintenance will give you substantial discount. More than 50% lol

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@jorknor, the real solution in your situation is to change the location of the application data folder to a drive accessible from all your devices. Then, install the same version of Manager on all devices. You will be able to use it from anywhere, but from only one device at a time. See