Manager server trial version limitations

Hi, I am using manager server trial version,its working fine and i have plan to buy it, but before going to buy it i want to make sure that shall i have real time access for multiple users on a local server?
I am using it as a simple server based on a windows PC and accessing it through different PCs via static IP of that server PC.
The issue im facing is that i got logged out from server instantaneously, when access the same server IP from other PC.
plz guide me about this,

I believe that will happen when using the same user-name / user-ID.
Try logging-in as a different user

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Yeah, that is what’s happening. Only one username can be logged in at the same time. The solution is to have multiple usernames.

I might change this limitation and make it so single user can have multiple concurrent sessions. But for now multiple usernames is the way to go.

Thanks Lubos for your concern, but the problem is im using server edition trial version and how could i create mutiple user as it creates an ADMINISTRATOR user automatically and restricts me creating multiple user and displays a message “Multiple user access is not allowed in desktop edition”.
Please help me in this matter.

I haven’t yet looked at the server version, it’s on my to do list over the next two weeks, but my guess is the server version creates a Web page for you to use as if you were using the cloud version.

You should be using the Web portal to access the server edition added features which is not what the desktop version is. Go to:

http://{server IP or domain}:8080

The desktop version is just that. A stand alone version, run without cloud, without a server.

Have a read of the guides, there are three; one each for setting up servers for windows, ubuntu and osx.

Scroll down and you’ll see the server setup process.

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After opening the web page the access is granted to make multiple users and it is working fine now.