What is the programming language used for the platform?

Please can someone know the programming language used for the platform. I have PHP shared hosting. can i install this software install in PHP shared hosting?

If you are talking about installing the server version in your shared hosting, the very fact that you are asking this question makes me think that the Cloud version would be a more suitable option.

Users installing the server version should have all the necessary technical expertise required to install, administer and operate the system themselves

Thanks @Joe91. I just want to know programming language so it can be hosted in PHP server or not.

Manager is a closed source program which can be run on a variety of operating system. To safely use the server edition you must be competent in maintaining a mission critical software server. If not the costs when things go wrong will be far higher than the cloud version. Because of this the cost of ownership of the cloud version is generally lower see Cloud Edition | Manager

But to answer your question, follow the link at the bottom of the main page to Server version → start a free trial. Server Edition | Manager

Thank you @Patch for your answer. I have seen the server edition and downloaded. I think it has .dll files which are not compatible in PHP server.

I don’t think the programming language is the issue - there are server versions to run under Microsoft WIndows, Mac OS and Ubuntu OS

What operating system is your PHP Host server using?

It is shared hosting. We don’t have OS permission. I think it is Linux but I don’t know it is ubuntu or other. We have only Cpanel to host the sites.

I think that is just for hosting a website and not a server application

You need to contact the support to see if they support installing server applications

Ok thank you @Joe91. That is helpful. I need to talk to server provider.