Serial Numbers in Purchase Invoice Line

Single line item on purchase invoice line could able to conceive multiple units with different serial/ IMEI numbers.

You can already create a line-item custom field for purchase invoices, into which you can enter serial numbers.

Understand, however, that Manager considers all units of an individual inventory item to be interchangeable. It does not track serial numbers that are in inventory.

Added to the latest version (18.8.10)

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Thank you Lubos, now we can do serial tracking/lot/etc with API.

i dont think this will help in a sense @lubos.
the serial number feature should be optional feature. if user has single type of item with different serial number then it is first to be activated in inventory item. if this serial number item is selected then it by default showing up in purchase and sales invoice both.
so when purchase invoice is created the product with all the serial numbers used in the in the purchase invoice will be added to inventory items. when a sales invoice is created then first item name is selected and it will show the available serial number of products available in that item list. that way it will easy to track down of each serial number product purchased from whom and sold to whom.
As the main purpose of our manager software is to account for everything in it.

few discussions already happened Record individual serial numbers for inventories? - #3 by jamesaepp
dont know if it makes a valid point.

What you are saying is possible with API integration… It can track from purchase to selling point. Not only serial it also possible to track lot/expiry.

Yes indeed true but only for who uses server and cloud edition. Not for desktop users I guess…

i dont se any thing in 18.8.10
can you please guide and little, or some changelog for help from prev version to 18.8.10

You are correct this can be done and has to be in server or cloud edition.

Once you have created a line-item custom field, you just enter multiple lines of text when creating or editing a transaction. Hit Return key to go to the next line.

that i what im already using

@lubos what u think of it

@manishkumarshivam, your question is not clear. This topic has wandered to quite a few different subjects, and a program change was already announced in it. What exactly are you asking when you say, “…what u think of it?” Think of what?

@Tut Actually i didnt understand where the change was acknowledged in the forum ? just wana know if he saw it…

The change was announced in post #3 of this topic. The change just allows multiple lines of text in line-item custom fields, so that multiple serial numbers (or other information) could be entered. But I think you may be suggesting something else entirely. If so, please start a new topic.

yeah its kind of. i thought to start but also thought u may not like and delete it the new topic so i didnt start it. my bad.
anyway i will start now.

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