Sending Payslip in Email to Employee

When I click Email on the Payslip to send to the recipient, it gives error of The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.

I am not using Custom Email Setup
The setting from email is set to

Please advise?

Try to upgrade to the latest version. You seem to be using an older version which is using depreciated SMTP credentials for sending emails.

I have the similiar problem, can’t send email, can’t generate pdf.

I tried to wget the latest server version from

After upgrading and reboot, the version shows Manager 17.3.20

Did I miss something? Thanks.

I don’t think your problem is the same as your version is the latest (that is for the server edition).

Are you using custom SMTP server under email settings?

Hello Lubos,

I cannot upgrade to latest version as it requires IE 9 or above and my PC is not supporting it.

Please can you advise a solution.


There is no solution then.

If you can’t upgrade to IE9 because you are using Windows XP, then you are stuck. Windows XP is 15 years old system and nobody is supporting it anymore.