Button [Email] sending invoices accepts more then one e-mailaddress

Below is only tested with Sales Invoices!

In contrast with what is mentioned in the guide https://www.manager.io/guides/10643:

it appears that at least 2 e-mailaddresses will be accepted.

When this button is used with 2 e-mailaddresses the receivers of these e-mails will see both the e-mailaddresses used.
One of my clients wants to send the invoices to his client (of course) and also to his accountant.
It would be nice if the client would only see his own e-mailaddress when receiving the e-mail, and the accountant would only see his own e-mailaddress.

Another approach would be using the field [Email address] in [Settings]-[Email Settings]. When two e-mailaddresses are entered, separated by a comma, only the last e-mailaddress will be used.

It would be nice if this feature could be extended to using 2 (or even more) e-mailaddresses, and each receiver would only see his own e-mailaddress.

A correction to the Guide has been initiated. It should post within a few hours.

In this respect, Manager is like every other email client. Every regular addressee is shown. Manager does not have a blind copy function. But this can easily be accomplished by making a PDF and using a regular email client with more capabilities. Many users do this to take advantage of signatures, formatting, and other features.