Sending Email Error

Trying to send a email to a client in the cash account and receiving this error message ‘The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.’

When this error started? Have you been able to send email from Manager previously?

Yes I have previously sent emails no problem. After receiving this message I upgrade the Desktop Edition and it still happens.

How about you change email address and try to send the email to yourself?

OK I tried sending the email to myself, still receiving error message.

What if you go to view some report such as Balance sheet and try to email it to yourself. Does it still throw error?

OK I tried sending a Balance Sheet to my self, still receiving error message.

What if you create brand new business and email yourself something from new business entity. What happens?

Yes I created a new account and emailed balance sheet to myself and this works. However after backing up my current account and create a new account from the backup and then email the balance sheet to myself I still get this error message.

That means there is something wrong in your Email settings under Settings tab.

Can you double-check information in there? Make sure email addresses are set correctly.

Yes I have cleared my email settings back to default and sending a email is now working. However I wish to change the Email address to two (2) email addresses using , space between the two addresses, is this correct.

It’s not correct. Use ; symbol to separate email addresses.

Try this again with the following; AND ALSO;
Will only work with one (1) address - should this be the case ?

Actually, I just realized the trick with multiple email addresses won’t work under Email settings. It will work only when sending email to customer where customer can have multiple emails.

So for now, use single email address under Email settings.

Thank you Lubos for your time with this matter.

My Software Send Twice Email every time … Please resolve issue

You need to provide more details. How are you sending emails? What operating system? What email application? Describe the circumstances.


You did not answer my questions.

Microsoft outlook Software i amusing , i am sending email from this software Manager
any more info ?