Send Same invoice to many customers at a go

I want to help a friend who is the Finance Officer for a school set up
The only feature he needs that Manager doesn’t have at the moment is the ability to generate invoices to a group of customers at once.
Like many schools, they usually send out bills to classes or levels. Each class has an average of 45 students.
Is it possible to have a feature that will enable issuing invoices to a bunch of customers?
Is it possible to have a predetermined class/level/group for customers to enable class/level/group of customers/student billing?
An example is sending the following to a particular group of student/customers who happen to be in the same class for a term/semester.
Tuition Fees $100.00
Lunch Fees $40.00
Text Books $35.00
Total $175.00
Occasionally Bills are sent to the whole student Body numbering over 600 e.g. Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Dues.
This feature will also be useful for companies sending the same type of Bills to many clients.
Different invoice numbers must be generated for each customer on the billing list.

There are three ways:

  • Use Recurring Sales Invoices under Settings tab
  • Or clone similar invoices
  • Or use API to generate invoices programmatically

So it’s definitely possible. You just need to evaluate each option to see what is the easiest.

@lubos We are not that good in computing to utilize API, recurring Sales invoices can’t solve the problem too. We want to reduce the time spent on Invoicing.
The only option left for us is to use cloning.

How about enabling the selection of many customers during cloning? For example, after clicking on Clone, we could enter a number of clones and select customers to fill up the number and then click on Create Clones. This will save a lot of time.