Bulk invoice for multiple customers

Dear Lubos,

Is it possible in near future to add bulk invoicing features (multiple customers issued the same invoice with same items / prices / amount etc in one go by some of tick box approach rather than individual customer by customer cloning and invoice creation)?

Someone asked this in Aug-16 as well by the name of “Naming multiple customer in recurring sales invoice” topic but there was no definite answer there.

read this guide Set up and manage recurring sales invoices | Manager

Your topic title was misleading, because it has nothing to do with recurring invoices. So I edited it to reflect the actual subject. As you can see from @sharpdrivetek’s answer, the title was confusing.

To confirm what you already seem to know, there is no method for generating bulk invoices unless all are set up as recurring invoices. The clone feature with editing of customer name is the quickest method.