Naming multiple customer in recurring sales invoice

Hello, is there a feature where I can list down multiple customer names for a recurring sales invoice? Like the “add line” feature of the invoice? We use Manager for school billings so those in the same grade show the same invoice items.

I don’t plan to implement this but perhaps cloning would be a solution? If you are creating new recurring sales invoice which is similar to one already created, then you could clone it to new one and just change the customer.

Thank you!

@lubos just to clarify, the cloning tool is available only for individual invoices and not on recurring SIs? I don’t see any cloning tool when I make recurring sales invoices, so I just wanted to be sure.

Yeah, it hasn’t been implemented yet but it’s on my to-do list now.

okay, looking forward to it :grinning:

Even after implementation, A company with 1500 customers will still find this cloning idea cumbersome. I suggest you do something like a customer group (The way quickbooks does it), then a user can create customer groups, then assign each customer a group (Optional) during customer setup. A recurring invoice can then be addressed to one customer, or a pre-created group of customers.

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