General Ledger Transaction Report (Suggested Modifications)

  1. The General Ledger Transactions Report shows all transactions (by Account) with a DR and CR column. The DR and CR column is totalled for each Account. However, to be really useful, this report should also show a NET BALANCE for each Account and show that balance under either the DR column or the CR column (depending on whether the net result is DR or CR). The General Ledger Summary Report does show these balances, but not the transactions.

  2. The General Ledger Transaction Report also really needs to show a REFERENCE number for each transaction … that would make it so much easier to “audit” the system.

  3. That an individual account be able to be selected, or, only balance sheet accounts or only profit & loss accounts


I wonder if there are any plans to implement the suggestions mentioned?

As I rely on Manager more and more, the opening and closing balances shown on “General Ledger Transactions” report (just like on QuickBooks and other accounting programs) will be a godsend as I will not need to cross reference the General Ledger Summary just to check the closing balance of a particular account.

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I also have this in mind. First there has to be opening balances, then the transactions and then the closing balance.

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You don’t need to look at the General Ledger Summary report. Current balances are always available on the Summary page.

That is the whole problem.

When we read the GL Transaction Report, it only shows movements and does not show any balance b/f or c/f so I have to open another report GL Summary back and forth instead of seeing everything with the GL Transaction Report.

Manager is the only program I have come across so far that doesn’t do this with their detailed reports on GL transactions.

From an accountant’s point of view managing daily operations and reviewing other people’s inputs into Manager, going back and forth on the computer screen is cumbersome. Our staff and even our auditor find this a bit tiresome.

I am sure ozcpa started this thread because he wanted to see this modification as well.

We could print the GL Summary report on a daily basis and refer to the hard copy when reviewing to speed things up a little, but our office has an active save paper policy, and each user has to explain and obtain permission for additional quotas if going over the limit.

Without this mod it is not exactly a showstopper and by no means deters me from using Manager in our office, but this feature gives us better operational usability that could lead to other accountants adopting to Manager more readily.

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I’ve already requested such a report because it needed


i mean Ozcpa request

I think it would be very useful

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It is extremely useful “for an Accountant” (which is why I have asked for this functionality). However, a non-Accountant is probably happy to use the “drill down” functionality on the live screen. Considering that other reports in the Manager system (e.g. Supplier Statements, Customer Statements etc) are all of the format of "opening balance; transactions; closing balance) I can’t see why it is difficult to do this for the General Ledger Transaction Report … but I am not a developer so it may be more difficult than it appears to be. The Manager system is one of the best pieces of accounting software that I have come across, but a few “extras” (which are standard in nearly every other system e.g. G/L report in the format mentioned) would make the system even better. Maybe a few more of us “boring Accountants” need to lobby for this feature to be implemented :wink:


please for all Manager users :sunglasses:,kindly vote in order to be this report live:roll_eyes:

yes, it would be very useful

Just a reminder to make our request don’t forget over time :grimacing:

I need this too

I’m also an accountant and I will also like to see this report too.

I think it’s a report useful for everyone.

waiting for this feature



I am a recent user of this amazing software MANAGER. Having come across your above suggestion, I strongly believe that the above suggestion would be extremely beneficial to many users. By current reporting system, we are forced to go through all items of ledger and that is hard task specially considering if one has many ledger accounts.

If we are able to select (choose) a specific account that would be a wonderful add-on to the existing magical features of MANAGER.

So, I will vote in favor of your suggestion.



As more users (especially Accountants) are requesting this feature … and I (as an experienced CPA) believe that it is essential, would the developer please consider this for prompt implementation. At the very least, if this isn’t possible for technical or other reasons, would the developer please provide a brief response @lubos … many thanks. In the meantime, I urge ALL Accountants on this Forum (as well as other users who are interested) to keep requesting this feature.


yes, i too would like to see the feature being implemented soon.

Dear Lubas

we are waiting your magic touch :man_technologist: